cecile bahnsen
Overseeing the Danish brand’s first launch with Matches Fashion, Tina worked with the team to install several concrete and metal tree-like sculptures that created displays for the ethereal and feminine dresses to hang. Organically shaped wooden plinths displayed glassware to add delicate, contrasting texture within the space.
June, 2019
wales bonner
Collaborating directly with Grace Wales Bonner on the creative build out at Matches Fashion, Carlos Place. Inspired by the designers idea of brass ceremonial rails, Tina designed six unique shapes incorporating brass instruments to showcase the Wales Bonner collection.
October, 2018
hillier bartley
The ground floor of Carlos Place was turned into an English ‘private members’ club for Hillier Bartley. Guests could partake in a darts competition, standing on bespoke carpet with the Hillier Bartley logo. Sculptural chairs designed by Kiss the Architect worked in tandem with Hillier Bartley’s collection. Handbags were displayed hanging from oversized versions of the brand’s iconic paper clip earring.
October, 2018
Prada launched the first Matches Fashion collaboration at 5 Carlos Place. The brand took over the whole house creating interactive spaces and brought the signature Prada Maisie Cafe to the top floor. Arcade games were revitalized with the Prada prints for that season.
September, 2018
white studio
Tina worked closely with Matches Fashion across all elements to create an intimate space for wedding and event dressing. She designed and produced five large raw plaster sculptures with looking glass shapes that complimented the collection for the modern bride.
February, 2020
carlos place 
A long-time collaborator with luxury retail giant Matchesfashion.com, Tina has been instrumental in establishing 5 Carlos Place, the brand’s innovative bricks and mortar retail experience in London’s Mayfair. Deeply involved in the busy event curation and programming of 5 Carlos Place, Tina works cross-functionally with the retailer and specific luxury brands from Loewe to Jil Sander, to bring their vision to life in a way that works harmoniously for bricks and mortar as well as digitally.
January 2018 ongoing